MozPlugger is a Mozilla plugin which can show many types of multimedia inside your Mozilla. To accomplish this, MozPlugger uses external programs such as mplayer, totem, openoffice, evince, xmms, etc (your choice).

When installed, MozPlugger installs a default configuration file in /etc called mozpluggerrc, this provides a good starting point and contains handlers for many popular applications and mime types. If required, this file can either be changed directly (for system wide configuration) or be over-ridden with a local version in $HOME/.mozilla/ for individual user settings

The format of mozpluggerrc is very simple. The general layout is to have one or more lines describing mime types followed by one or more lines describing commands used to handle those mime types. Here is a simple example:

        video/mpeg: mpeg: Mpeg video
        video/quicktime: qt,mov: Mpeg video
               : xanim +W$window -Zr +q +Ze +f $file

Each line describing a mime type has three fields:

mime type : extensions : description

mime type - the mime type is the standardized name for the content type you want MozPlugger to handle.

extensions - this is a comma separated list of extensions that should be associated with this particular mime type. The extensions are only used when a web server does not report what type of file it is, or when loading files directly from disk.

description - this is the description that shows up in about:plugins section in Mozilla.

Lines that describe what command to use for a mime type must begin with a whitespace and have two fields (although the flags field can be blank):

     flags : command

flags - this is a list of flags which tells mozplugger how to handle this particular application. See man mozplugger for for further details.

command - this is a command which is sent to /bin/sh when handling this mime type.

For more indepth details please install and reader the mozplugger man page

The mozplugger project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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